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Suitable for flowing or drag soldering on printed circuit boards, and for industries such as civil construction, car, and electrical, our extruded solder bars manufactured with high-purity metals rise to any challenge.


We offer a wide range of solders: tin, copper, silver, high purity wire and special solders. We can also manufacture custom-made alloys. Find out more about our tin-wire solders, solid, with resin cores, in reels and in plastic or cardboard tubes.


Depending on their characteristics, the Nevex tin, lead and copper solder pastes have what it takes to make a difference in the food industries, tinwork, radiators and storage water heaters. They can be used as soft solders for tinning various gears, bodyworks or containers, with many potential uses.


We offer various combinations of exhibitor posters. Choose from our selection or suggest a new combination that best suits your needs. Contact us and be surprised by all the options available!


Find out more about our powder, paste or liquid fluxes for the electrical industry, radiators, storage water heaters, civil construction, amongst others. We also provide paste and liquid fluxes; activate resins and anticorrosive materials for the electronics industry. For more information, contact us!


The Nevex anti-friction metal has a wide range of uses and applications and is essential in a variety of contexts, among which machinery, tools, engines, bearings, pumps, compressors, centrifuges, water turbines, and generators. Its potential is enormous. The Nevex anti-friction metals have different characteristics depending on what they are used for. They can be used in a variety of contexts.

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Suitable for use in cold and hot water pipes, with ammonia, butane or propane gas, or in compressed air pipework, the Vedox anti-oxidant thread sealant differs from the others because of its indisputable quality assurance and durability. Try it!